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Add depth, shine, and environmental protection to your vehicle with ceramic coating. We offer two different brands of ceramic coating.


FEYNLAB Basic Info

FEYNLAB was launched by a team of visionaries, one of which originally coined the term “ceramic coating”. They focus on nanotechnology and scientific product development. Proudly made in the U.S.A.


With car care technology evolving exponentially, auto enthusiasts don’t have to settle for subpar or even average ceramic coating performance. FEYNLAB recognized the desire from consumers to have a ceramic coating that performed better at a competitive price, and that is why they updated their classic coating and created FEYNLAB Ceramic Coating Version 2. Instead of relying on Si02 (Silicon Dioxide), like most ceramic coatings, FEYNLAB uses a blend of Si02 (Silicon Dioxide), Si3N4 (Silicon Nitride), and SiC (Silicon Carbide).

  • Strong Chemical Resistance
  • Intense UV & Heat Rejection
  • High Gloss, Hydrophobic, and Oleophobic Finish That Lasts
  • Includes a 3-Year Warranty


The future of ceramic coatings is here with FEYNLAB’s HEAL LITE product.
FEYNLAB took their original ceramic coating formula and modified it by adding a memory-polymer. This allows the coating to self-heal, which significantly decreases swirl marks and marring with no extra maintenance effort.

  • All the Same Benefits from CERAMIC VERSION 2
  • Scratch Resistance and Self-Healing Capability
  • Includes a 5-Year Warranty

XPEL Fusion Plus

From the leaders of PPF development, comes the perfect marriage of PPF and ceramic coatings: XPEL Fusion Plus. Ceramic coatings aren’t just for paint anymore! This trusted manufacturer introduces a way to maximize the life and performance of your paint protection film.

  • Developed to Work With PPF
  • Extreme gloss and shine
  • Hydrophobic and Oleophobic Properties
  • Save Time and Money on Exterior Maintenance
  • Includes a 4-year warranty

Ceramic Coating FAQ

It is important to avoid water exposure for 24 hours. If the vehicle does get wet, gently wipe off the water. Avoid all chemicals for 7 days, this includes car washes/soaps.
In a perfect world, a weekly hand wash would be best. However, a hand wash every other week will be enough. Make sure to use pH balanced soap for best results. Be cautious with pressure sprayers. If you must use a pressure sprayer, we recommend using it only for applying a layer of foam to the vehicle and for rinsing the vehicle off. Towel drying is necessary to avoid water spotting. We do not recommend automatic or touchless car washes.
It is not recommended. If you would like, you can use sealants. Stay away from products that contain carnauba wax.
– In this case, follow the aftercare instructions for ceramic coatings.